Creation of sketches or digital sketches

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Simple and easy to understand workshop, gives you the basic main steps so that you can learn in a simple way to create your own sketches or digital sketches.

    • It shows you images of each step so that you can associate them, and you can perform them without any problem.
    • Learning to create your own sketches or digital sketches of the decorations and montages for your parties or events will allow you to work professionally creating more trust with the client and showing them the seriousness of your work.
    • When making your sketches or digital sketches you can visualize before making the assembly of your decorations all the details to work and it will serve to correct errors, make a checklist of the materials to use and work with your team in a professional way from before making each assembly of your decorations.
    • You will like this digital workshop so much that every day you will want to make sketches.

Important Note:

    • It is required to use a laptop or computer with the Power Point program to be able to create your own sketches or digital sketches.
    • If you do not have the Power Point program installed, you can download it easily and directly over the Internet. Sometimes you can do it for free.
    • This program is one of Microsoft’s programs.
    • It is not recommended to use the version of this program on your tablet or cell phone. The version for these devices in the vast majority of cases its functions are not activated as in the version that uses the computers or laptops. This may result in you not being able to perform all the recommended steps to make your digital sketches or sketches.
    • It is your responsibility and of the utmost importance to follow every step that is carefully explained to you. If you have doubts in any step rectify the information offered to you and explain in the workshop.
    • You must practice several times each step to perfect them.
    • You may need to have access to the internet to make your sketches or digital sketches, this will depend on the design to be made.


– Workshop without certificate: $40.00


    • Digital Workshop in MP4 format
      Note: You study it at your own pace and time.– Workshop with Certificate of Digital Participation: $50.00Includes:
    • Digital Workshop in MP4 format
    • Digital Participation Certificate


  • You study it at your own pace and time
  • To obtain the certificate of participation you must send a sketch or digital sketch that you have made with your signature or digital logo where you applied all the steps taken in this workshop and request it. This needs to be sent as soon as possible in a term of 48 to 64 hrs to the email registered in this workshop.

    Once you have selected the option that you understand best and made the payment and we have received without problems, you can access the digital workshop.

    Terms and conditions

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